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Brick Pillar

Brick Pillar
July 16
10:54 2014
Brick Pillar

Brick Pillar

Brick columns or brick pillars are simply a detached brick masonry supports. Brick columns or brick pillars are constructed with brunt clay bricks instead of RCC columns to add architectural beauty or decoration to any area where they are constructed.

Brick pillars may be square, rectangular, round or elliptical in shape and can be built up to the required height and constructed as porch columns or as boundary gate pillars or corner pillar in front and rear verandah or as freestanding columns that act as decorative pillars or plant/statuary stands in garden areas. Construction of brick columns are easy as compare to RCC columns and can be constructed in the less time with the help of simple tools. It is economical and easy to construct brick pillars than RCC column.

Some time we use metal poles under the porch and in the front and rear verandah but their look/ view is not up to the mark. Where as brick pillars constructed under the porch or in boundary wall or boundary gate pillars are very majestic-looking, and provide good elevation and give a beautiful architectural look. Brick pillars can be designed to match the existing exterior fascia of the home for providing good looking elevation. Brick pillars are strong, and will live longer than metal or wooden support used in the structures.

Construction Process of Brick Pillar

Construction of brick pillar can be done in following steps:

  • Layout or demarcation of the pillar is made on the ground where it is to be constructed.
  • Excavation of earth is made for the foundation in the ground at the marked layout.
  • Lay the cement concrete 1:4:8 in the foundation.
  • Brick work in foundation is done with the first class bricks and cement mortar in the ratio 1:4 to transfer the load of super structure to the ground. The brick work in foundation is done into various steps of brick works in foundation below plinth level and these all steps should be accommodate in to the ground.
  • Lay the horizontal dam-proof course on the pillar.
  • Brick work in super structure is done with first class bricks and cement mortar 1:4 ratio to transfer the load of RCC beam and slabs to the foundation of the pillar.
  • Care should be taken that brick work should be done in plumb and line according to specification.
  • Proper curing for at least 10 days should be done.
  • After completion of work painting should be done.

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