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Construction of Brick Pillars

Construction of Brick Pillars
July 17
04:58 2014
Construction of Brick Pillars

Construction of Brick Pillars

Brick pillars are simply a detached brick masonry supports and are constructed with brunt clay bricks to add architectural beauty or decoration to any area where they are constructed. In general brick pillars may be square, rectangular in shape and constructed as porch columns or as boundary gate pillars or corner pillar in front and rear verandah. Construction of brick columns are economical, easy and take less time in construction.

Properly constructed brick pillars are strong, and will live longer than metal or wooden support used in the structures. There are some precautions during construction of brick pillars which are as under:

Precautions during construction of brick pillars:-

  • Brick pillars should be structurally designed according to the load coming on it.
  • Excavation should be done according to the drawing and bottom should be rammed properly before laying lean cement concrete.
  • Lay the cement concrete 1:4:8 in the foundation which should be fully compacted.
  • Raw materials i. e. Bricks, sand, cement, brick ballast should be according to specification.
  • Coarse sand should be used in the mortar of brick pillars.
  • Bricks used in brick pillar should be well burnt having perfect corners.
  • Cement and sand mortar ratio should not be less than 1:4.
  • The masonry should be done with the proper soaked bricks.
  • Joints in masonry should be properly filled and racked out.
  • Clean the surface by wire brush and broom.
  • Pillars should be constructed in the plumb, level and line.
  • During construction, ensure that no any splashes of cement or mortar spoil the surface of brick pillar.
  • The corners of brick pillars should be true to try-square.
  • Curing should be done at least for 10 days after the construction of brick pillars.

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