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Hardwood doors

Hardwood doors
July 20
07:57 2014
Hardwood doors

Hardwood doors

Hardwood doors are made from non-monocot angiosperm trees. Doors work like solid barriers in a wall opening. are used for They access between rooms and maintaining the privacy. These doors consist of two parts – frame and shutter.

Wood is still the most popular choice of material for construction of door and windows. There are various type of wood used in the manufacturing of doors such as teak, deodar, chir, sal, hardwood etc. Due to price rise teak and deodar wood is rarely used. Hardwood doors are used these days as per easily availability and low price.

Design for hardwood doors:-

There are various designs available in wooden doors:

  • Panelled Door
  • Ply panelled Door
  • Flush Door
  • Half Panel and Half Glazed Door
  • Glazed Door
  • Wire gauze Door
  • Ledged/Braced & Battened Door
  • Louvered Door

Panelled Hardwood Door Designs

There are four primary types of panelled door designs as

  • Panel Door
  • Solid Core Door
  • Hollow Metal Insulated Door
  • Hollow Core Wood Door

Panel Door :

Consists of wooden panels or boards fixed onto a frame surrounded by wood stiles and railing; panels can be made from solid wood or plywood. Panel doors can consist of one to six wooden panels; but this may be increased. Different types of panels can be used such as plywood, solid timber or glass of various designs and thickness.

Single panel door : The framing for the single panel door comprises of two stiles (vertical member), a top and bottom rail (horizontal members), all of which are of same thickness.

Double panel door : It consists of two wooden panels with additional middle rail or stile that divides the frame into two parts.

Door with three panels : It consists of three wooden panels which include two middle rails or stiles.

Door with six panels : It consists of six wooden panels including three middle stiles and four middle rails divide the frame into six parts of same thickness.

Double-leaf doors with six panels : They consist of two frames with three panels each.

Partly panelled and partly glazed door : It consists of glass panels along with wooden panels. The glass panels are held in place by the use of fixed mouldings.

Solid Core Door :

It consists of a solid lumber core, compressed wooden fiber core, or rigid foam board laminated on plywood or metal facing.

Hollow Metal Insulated Door :

It consists of welded sheet metal. Mineral or cement board (fire resistant or rigid foam board/insulation) is usually added as a core.

Hollow Core Wooden Door :

It consists of a plywood ( press board) and a honeycomb wood ( paper interior core) .Hollow core wooden doors are usually for interior use only.

Since homes have several doors to enter or exit, it is important to look at the efficiency of these doors. This can be done by selecting an efficient door.

These doors come in a set of standard sizes width: 24, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36 and height: 78, 80, 82 and thickness: 1 3/8, 1 3/4 and 2 (all measurements in inches).

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