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Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows
July 20
15:32 2014
Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are traditional in appearance and operation. Single hung windows are one of the most commonly installed windows in America due to their versatility. They are often used in bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and more, and can easily be combined with eyebrow, special shape or arch windows to create an attractive architectural style to your home or business.

A single hung window consists of two sashes, one on the top that does not move and another one on the bottom that does move vertically.

Single hung windows are available in both new construction or replacement window styles. The chief advantage of the fixed window is that it limits air intrusion, since there are fewer seams that must be blocked with window seals. As time goes by, window seals begin to dry and hard, creating cracks which allow for air seepage. Also, some fixed windows may be less expensive than double-hung or casement windows, due to fewer mechanical parts.

Advantages of Single Hung Windows:

  • Security – single hung windows open in only one direction, so there are fewer points of failure on the window’s locking system.
  • Energy efficiency – single hung windows have only a single movable sash, so there is less opportunity for air infiltration as the window ages.
  • Space saving – single hung windows open vertically instead of outward, making them ideal for high traffic areas and tight spaces.

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