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Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn Windows
July 20
16:10 2014
Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows first appeared in Europe but are now used in North America. Special hardware allows tilt & turn windows to tilt inwards for ventilation, or to pivot from the side like a casement window.

Tilt and turn windows open in multiple directions through the use of a single operating handle. The sash can be opened at the top for ventilation, inwards for cleaning and ventilation, or locked in the closed position. Tilt and turn windows combine good security and climate control. The locking mechanism presses the sash against the frame creating an airtight seal improving security, insulation and acoustics.

Tilt and turn windows are three windows in one. Depending on the handle position, they can be operated as a fixed window (handle in 6 o’clock position), inward casement window (handle in 9 o’clock position) or hopper window (handle in 12 o’clock position).

Advantages of Tilt and Turn Windows

  • Tilt & turn windows can be double, triple and even quadruple glazed when combining internal blinds, otherwise known as a 3+1 configuration.
  • They can be either timber or aluminium clad timber, negating the need for external decoration
  • They are able to accommodate far larger opening lights than outward opening systems due to the strength of the hinge system and frame.
  • Cost effective! Due to only having either a tilt and turn configuration, or tilt only/turn only the cost of the ironmongery is less, thus making the windows more cost effective to manufacture.
  • The ability to make curved and angled head units open (subject to shape and acuteness of angle).
  • U values, this is perhaps the most beneficial reason for using a tilt and turn window over a Livingwood Windows Flush Casement Scandinavian style window. Especially when comparing the triple glazed system the U values of tilt and turn are up to and sometimes greater than 30% better than an outward open window.

Disadvantages of Tilt and Turn Windows

  • Protrude inside
  • Window furnishings can block operation
  • Costly to replace hardware

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