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Earthing In Electrical Wiring

Earthing In Electrical Wiring
July 23
13:43 2014
Earthing In Electrical Wiring

Earthing In Electrical Wiring

Earthing is important to make the electrical wiring safe and secure from the immediate shock or thunder storm that may affect building.

There are several important reasons why a earthing system should be installed. But the most important reason is to protect people! Secondary reasons include protection of structures and equipment from unintentional contact with energized electrical lines. The earthing system must ensure maximum safety from electrical system faults and lightning.

In electrical wiring, earthing or earthed means to connect electrical system to general mass of earth in such a manner as it ensures an immediate discharge of electrical energy without danger at all times. The earthing is helpful to enhance voltage. It saves human life from sudden electric shock. When proper earthing is done in building, it saves building of thunder effects i.e. from fall of natural cloud lighting.

In general, earthing is not provided in building at the time of electrical fittings either due to ignorance/carelessness or to save expense on earthing. The earthing is most essential part of electric work which must be provided to protect from any mishap. The following are tips on implementation of earthing.

  • Earthing connection may be of either copper or galvanized iron.
  • Normally GI pipe or plate is used but copper pipe or plate should be used where the soil is corrosive.
  • Electric earthing may be either pipe or plate earthing.
  • Dry earth has more resistance whereas moist earth has less resistance.
  • Low earth resistance is required to give effective earthing protection to electrical fittings.
  • The location of earth pit should be such where the soil has reasonable chances of having moist.
  • If possible earth plates or pipes are located near water tap, water drain or rain water pipe.
  • Earth wire and earth plate must be of the same metal.
  • Charcoal and salt must be filled in the earth pit around earthing pipe or plate.
  • The position of the earth plate or pipe when fixed should be clear from all building foundations.
  • A masonry enclosure should be made over earth pit.
  • Entrance, pavement and roads are definitely avoided for locating earth pit.
  • Inside building in addition to all electrical appliances, all switch boxes; meter boxes etc. should be earthed also.

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