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Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
July 23
16:10 2014
Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting is key and does require some thought. Know how to perfectly brighten up your space with these bathroom lighting ideas.

Planning and designing is difficult job. Modern bathrooms have well designed looks. Bathroom is an intimate personal place, perhaps the only room in the house where one can be private.

  • Different types of lighting can be used for bathroom.
  • General lighting is essential in a compact bath.
  • Medium size and large size bathroom, especially those having sectioned areas for tub, shower and toilet require several overhead fixtures.
  • The lights are general, recessed into the ceilings or those over a tub or a shower must be watertight and vapour proof. Minimum 100 W incandescent or 60 W fluorescent lamp is sufficient.
  • Most critical lighting in a bathroom centers on the mirror area which is the basic for good grooming. For shaving, make up applications or hair care, light should be soft and diffused without glare or shadow.
  • Avoid lighting the mirror itself rather light of the person looking into the mirror. Most efficient way to light up a persons face is to use three fixtures, one on either side of the mirror or one overhead. Side fixtures should be mounted at 30″ to 36″ apart on the wall and install about 60″ above the floor.
  • Incandescent fixtures should have a minimum of 75 W bulb. Fluorescent tubes on either side of 20 W and one tube of 30 W or two tubes of 15 W overhead.
  • Additional bath lighting for specific purposes may include plant lights to take the advantage of bath humidity for growing the flowers and ferns.

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