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Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting Ideas
July 24
03:34 2014

Bedroom Lighting Ideas Create a relaxing, comfortable, and romantic atmosphere in your bedroom with these bedroom lighting ideas. When planning bedroom lighting design, consider the space’s natural lighting first.

Bedroom is the place where you refresh your body and mind for better tomorrow. When you think about lighting a bedroom, it is important to make an overall environment of quiet relaxation by providing some bright space or spots for reading and other activities.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas depends on taking in to account the age and lifestyle of the occupant’s requirement. Remember, dimming controls give you the flexibility to vary the light to suit different moods and activities.

The colour of the ceiling, walls, bedcover and furniture will decide about the lighting design ideas. When you use light colour on walls i.e. white painted wall and pale wood painted furniture reflect light better than darker or more saturated or dark colours. Natural light have great roll at the time of designing artificial light of bedroom. No matter what look or feel you want for your bedroom, there’s a light source available to help you achieve it. Dimming controls of lighting give you the opportunity for flexibility to vary the light to suit different moods and activities.

While designing or proceeding to bedroom lighting ideas one should remember the two basic principles:

  1. Natural lighting should have equal importance to artificial lights,
  2. The most effective artificial light is as soft and obvious as its natural counterpart for a relaxing bedroom.

There are some bed room lighting ideas which are help full to set the lighting of bed room at the right levels and appear as natural. By using these bedroom lighting ideas you and your family feel relaxed. In this way, you will be able to understand how to set this delicate light balance every time in every situation.

  • The first step for bedroom lighting ideas is to decide how much you would like to spend on artificial lights. There is a diverse range of models from which you have to choose.

  • Lighting should be a soothing, general illumination. If you want to highlight some paintings or photographs, you can go for task lighting in this area.

  • Lighting must create a light, romantic, relaxing environment. Shades of table lamps or hanging lamps provide the room a very aesthetic look.

  • Up lighters look very beautiful while dimmers can be very useful to play with the intensity of the light as individual mood.

  • Have a good mix of task and background lighting.

  • It is not good to have too many lights in the bedroom.

  • The light should be soft from matching bedroom lamps.

  • Some time in summer season natural light gets too bright. In such situation use well-designed blinds are helpful to diffuse and control the light.

  • The colour of the ceiling, walls, bedcover and furniture will affect how much lighting is needed, use light colour on walls which reflect light better than darker or more saturated or dark colours.

  • Provision for bed switch should be done so that you are able to use the light from the bed. This is to prevent the need to get out of bed prior to nodding off.

  • In case when centre light in the bedroom is to be fixed than shade should be according to the atmosphere of the room.

  • It is better that to have provision of indirect light like under a pelmet or above a cabinet which will supply soft uniform illumination

  • Use dimmers for different lighting moods because with a dimmer, you are able to control artificial light to suit your mood and the range of activities.

  • The architectural features like niches, mantles etc. should be designed.

  • Be sure that the floor table and hanging fixtures have adequate shades to prevent glare.

  • In case of high ceiling, where general lighting does not reach, you should install false ceilings with overhead down lights by doing this the entire room have sufficient lighting.

  • At the time of reading and writing, use floor lamp light with a bulb shielded from the eyes which have adjustable shade that throws a direct ray of light to the exact spot you need it.

  • Indirect lighting creates flattering glow can be obtained by providing folding screens either of fabric or wood or paper on pivotal hinges can be sole alternative to curtains and shutters for diffusing light. If you are able to reflect the light of the ceiling, walls and floor than it is possible by using warm white light bulbs as an alternative of daylight bulbs.

  • For lighting in seating area, Low level lighting is Ideal. For low level lighting place table lamps on the side table of sofa which will provide light in the seating area.

  • In case of large size bedroom room, then have one table lamp at each end of the sofa.

  • One type of living room lighting is, floor standing light. In this type of lighting, standing lamp is placed in the vacant corner of the bedroom i.e. in corner.

  • It might be behind the door. One no power point is needed for supply of light to the floor standing lamp which have halogen of 150 watts.

  • Lighting at the dressing table should be soft and even. Ideally, the light should be placed above the mirror, on both sides. Use halogen and incandescent bulbs over fluorescent ones.

  • For reading in bedroom, use an adjustable glare-free wall-mounted lamp that casts the light where you want it, so you don’t disturb your sleeping partner. A table lamp with an adjustable arm and shade will also do. Just make sure the lamps are compatible with your room decoration.

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