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Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Ideas
July 24
04:45 2014
Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Lighting is a great decorative accent, it’s especially important to get the lighting balance right for your safety and comfort. Important element to beautify a kitchen are the lights, an exotic lighting arrangement can give your kitchen a whole new and an amazing look.

In the house kitchen is the area which is most frequently used and a lady spends her maximum time in the kitchen.

It is important to light your entire kitchen, no matter what type of fixtures you fix in your kitchen. The kitchen lighting design plays a big role in kitchen out look and also helps in day to day activities in the kitchen.

So the kitchen should have best light design comfortable with fresh feeling and unique environment. For cooking a great meal you have right recipe with proper ingredients but good light design also help in preparing good meal. Kitchen lighting should be clear, warm, welcoming and bright, to light the whole area of the kitchen.

Here are some essential kitchen lighting ideas which help to cook safely.

  • At the time of designing of kitchen lighting, you should select style that matches with the architecture of the house.
  • According to changing needs, it is not sufficient to provide just one fixture in the middle of the kitchen. The kitchen lighting design should be according to the shape and size of the room, as well as according to the requirement. Most kitchens will need some combination of accent, general, and task lighting.
  • General lighting for a kitchen should be well distributed, uniform, without shadow as far as possible.
  • Make best use of sunlight with reflective surfaces during the day time.
  • Use light colour on walls, as white painted wall and pale wood painted cabinets reflect light better than darker or more saturated colours.
  • A smooth or glossy metallic backsplash is also prove an effective reflector
  • Install lighting over a sink for cloudy days or nights even if there is a window in the kitchen.
  • Special lighting for key work areas can be installed in the ceiling or in the upper cabinets.
  • Provide light of shelf mounted brackets for storage areas in pantry or wall cabinets overhead.
  • Kitchen lighting should have same colour bulbs throughout the kitchen area so that the tone of the floor, counters and cabinets will all be the same intensity.
  • When the kitchen has both the cooking and dining area then it should be ensure that there is sufficient light for both dining and cooking.
  • In the kitchen there should be appropriate lighting conditions for cooking and the lighting must look expressive.
  • It is good if you have colourful, comfortable and warm lamp lighting to create a friendlier mood when you have a group of family or friends over for dinner.
  • In the kitchen good lighting can be obtained by fixing small size linear lamp fittings on the underside of wall cabinets.
  • Avoid use of halogen light in the kitchen as it add the heat in the kitchen but use fluorescent lights, with their covers, which are easier to maintain.
  • Fluorescent light fixtures reduce the energy demands without reducing illumination.
  • To provide recessed lights is also one of the best kitchen lighting solutions, which are best suited over the sink and stove to provide smooth task lighting
  • Hanging light fixtures weather ornamental or simple, are an effective source of both task and ambient light. Hanging or pendant lights come in a variety of styles suitable for just about anywhere.
  • Hanging light or pendant above the kitchen table to light up the dining area should be high enough to keep vision lines clear.
  • For getting correct light level, hang the fixtures in a suitable position and keep them on dimmer switches to adjust light levels.
  • The washing and cutting areas in the kitchen needs to have good lighting for safety reasons.
  • There should no any shadow in the kitchen lighting and it can be avoided by lighting work surfaces from more than one direction.
  • For getting sun light/ natural light, install a skylight or light pipe that transport sunlight through a roof or an attic over an island or counter to supplement task lighting.
  • To give an attractive view of Kitchen Island, consider ornamental design by using a pleasant pendant lamp or down lights above it.

In the course of totally remodeling a kitchen or building a new home, you might be able to afford the luxury of working with an architect or designer to get your lighting and wiring just right.

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