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Living Room Lighting Ideas

Living Room Lighting Ideas
July 24
05:28 2014
Living Room

Living Room

Living room is cozy place for relaxation for whole family. This multipurpose space is used for watching TV, taking a nap, eating, reading or socializing with family and friends. For those reasons when you design your living room, you should think of it as the hub of your domestic life.

There are some living room lighting ideas which are help full to set the lighting of living room at the right levels and appear as natural. By using these tips you and your family feel relaxed. In this way, you will be able to understand how to set this delicate light balance every time in every situation.

It is important to have knowledge about lights i.e. use of lights, where to place in the room and how to create great mood lighting scenes using light dimmers. In general living rooms are used for the purposes such as relaxing, watching TV, entertaining friends, quality time with the children. In general use of space in living rooms are basically same in most of the cases such as a seating area, a focal point, normally the TV or fire place and in some cases there is also dining area.

Here are some living lighting ideas and tips to get a grip of flexible lighting to accommodate the range of activities and that does not require new wiring are as under.

  • Provide window areas the cosmic lighting.
  • Illuminate an entire wall with overhead fixtures to provide background for room furnishings.
  • Indirect light like under a pelmet or above a cabinet will supply soft uniform illumination
  • Use dimmers for different lighting moods because with a dimmer, you’d be able to control artificial light to suit your mood and the range of activities.
  • Design architectural features like niches, mantles etc.
  • Highlight artwork and plants with individual lighting arrangements
  • Be sure that the floor table and hanging fixtures have adequate shades to prevent glare.
  • Incandescent light should be used in the bar area for sparkling glassware.
  • Lighted shelves, side table or fluorescent fixtures under the front edge of the bar are effective and good for a chill-out mood, use these instead of general lights.
  • When one have centrally controlled lighting system in the living room, the pools of light may be created in the living room, which helps to define separate areas.
  • Provide adequate illumination level to reduce the accent light, brightness and contrast. Central light create hard shadows and glare, in its place you use combine general lighting like fluorescent or PLC down lights with halogen lights. This will distribute light more uniformly throughout the space. Also, general light, recessed in the ceiling or spots overhead will need back up from ‘task’ lighting at eye level.
  • In case of high ceiling, where general lighting does not reach, you should install false ceilings with overhead down lights by doing this the entire room have sufficient lighting.
  • At the time of reading and writing, use floor lamp light with a bulb shielded from the eyes which have adjustable shade that throws a direct ray of light to the exact spot you need it.

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