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Technical Guide on Tiles

Technical Guide on Tiles
March 18
12:39 2015

Technical Guide on Tiles When you think about remodelling your home, obviously certain questions may arise in your mind. Then you will certainly concentrate yourself on how and from where to get the right information about the products you need and how much amount will be involved in purchasing the desired products. Well, you need not to worry. We are here to help you provide the complete solution for remodelling your home. You are always welcome to share your ideas with us with your queries. Below are the summary of such questions frequently asked by our valuable customers like you and our answers in token of our unending love for them and faith they imposed on us since we came into being online. Kindly go through these carefully.

Which is the application area recommended for Endura tiles?

The Endura tiles are fully vitrified paving tiles and available in vibrant colors and size. These tiles are easy to maintain and also are scratch, stains, chemicals and frost free. Anti-skid strong surface further makes the tile most suitable for sloping ramps, entrance lobbies, pathways, patios, parking areas, swimming pools decks and garden pathways, etc. So, outdoor spaces are the best suitable areas to be chosen for its installation.

What is Marbonite slab? What are the advantages of Marbonite tiles over vitrified tiles?

Marbonite, a fully identical tile is an unglazed product made of single compact body mass (Slab) and fully vitrified besides, high chemical and stain resistant. Easy to clean and hygienic features further makes the surface of tile bacteria resistant. It has water absorption nearly zero while normal vitrified tile has pores on its surface and attracts dust particles and stains to be accumulated on the floor. Marbonite stain-free tile is made applying most improvised technology which automatically seals all micro pores and make the surface of tile stain-free. So, Marbonite tile is superior to vitrified tiles.

What precautions should be taken for maintaining vitrified tiles?

Generally, detergents available in the market for cleaning can be used for regular maintenance but use sufficient quantity of water whenever you clean the floor with strong chemical agents. It is advisable to clean any spills and stain immediately to retain the appearance of floor intact. You can use even household detergent/water. Regular cleaning will certainly bring elegance to your floor for years to come. Frequent movement of heavy objects on the floor must be avoided as it could damage the tile floor.

Should expert advice be sought at the time of laying tiles?

Since tiles are most sophisticated and costly product to be handled more carefully, it becomes mandatory to avail the services of an expert. It will cost you dearly if the task is not undertaken in the presence of some experts.

Which is the better option, Marbonite or Ceramic?

As you know that ordinary ceramic tiles are porous in nature and need to be glazed before use while Marbonite is an unglazed product and fully vitrified besides more durable and stronger than an ordinary ceramic. So, Architectures and Designers always go for Marbonite flooring instead of opting for ceramic one.

What majors are to be taken at the time of purchasing tiles?

Before you buy tiles, go for thorough inspection of the product first. Ensure that the batch numbers and shade numbers are the same as wanted by you. Also, always keep it in mind to buy some extra tiles to meet any eventuality in future. In other words, you may say that if a tile is broken at any stage, it can be replaced with the tile of same brand and shade at once. Otherwise you have to content with using the tile of different batch or shade which may upset the total elegance of your wall or floor.

Are the design seen on top of the Marbonite tile permanent or will disappear?

As the soluble salts penetrate to a depth of 2-3 mm below the surface of the tile while manufacturing Marbonite tile, so, in any condition, designs will never disappear or removed.

Are the Marbonite tiles useful for wall also?

Of course, these tiles can be used for interior or exterior walls also but up to a certain height. So, it can be around 10 meter high wall on which these tiles could be fixed with recommended adhesives.

What are the main characteristics of tactile tiles?

There is wide range of tactile tiles available in the market. Depending upon the areas of application these are fixed either in heavy vehicular traffic areas or areas frequently visited by the people. These areas can be pavements, slopping ramps, entrance lobbies, pathways, factory areas, big shopping mall, office corridors, etc. These are anti-skidded tiles besides resistant to abrasion, chemical and stain. These dense and strongly built tiles can be used as “Warning floor tiles” in a factory area or heavy vehicular traffic areas. Tactile tiles are also useful for visually impaired persons because of its foot Braille features.

Does Marbonite tile crack like marble slab after lying?

Vitrification process makes Marbonite stronger and harder than natural stones such as granite and marble. Although thickness of Marbonite is very less as compared to marble slab yet during normal use it would never crack like marble slab.

What makes a tile anti-skid or what are its properties?

As you know, few drops of water, oil or any other liquid when accumulated on the floor makes a film of liquid thereby increases the chances of slipping. It certainly reduces the co efficiency of friction between the floor and the feet. For making the tiles non-skid, the specially imported dry application powder is employed that gives a unique surface texture to the tile and breaks the film of water into smaller droplets to make the floor anti-skid.

Should we go for branded tiles only?

As you know, an elegantly designed floor is the soul of any interior décor but if the ordinary tiles are used for flooring than there are bleak chances for its retaining elegance because of weak texture and colors. Due to continuous abrasion, wear and tear ordinary tiles lose its beauty gradually and make the floor dull. So always use branded products.

How much space is required between the two tiles?

In case of Marbonite, ceramic or vitrified tiles, 2 to 5 mm minimum space between the two tiles should be left while 8 mm gap is recommended for Endura. This is internationally accepted laying practice.

Why is there a need for Marbonite stain-free when normal Marbonite can serve the purpose?

Since pores are the root cause of staining, these micro pores are sealed off while manufacturing Marbonite stain-free tiles. On the contrary, normal Marbonite tiles have micro pores on its surface and if the stains are not cleaned up immediately than dust particles present would settle into these micro pores, leaving a permanent dirt stain on the tile. Therefore, Marbonite tiles are needed if you want the floor stain-free.

What is Kraft Ceramic Panels? Which are the application areas for Kraft Ceramic Panels?

Kraft Ceramic Panels are not merely a tile but a concept that has been categorized as Wooden panels, Rock Plates, Italian Marble Panels and Wall Paper Themes. These panels are aesthetically strong and most superior wall covering options. These exclusive Ceramic Panels add elegance to your walls beyond expression. When applied to floor, these provide the better grip to your feet. The area of its application can be your living room- accent walls and backdrop, bedroom accent wall, entrance/reception in commercial and residential areas besides Lift lobbies, external and internal back-drop in showrooms. Lobbies and passages in residential, hospital, commercial areas, Spa and luxury bathrooms.

What are the benefits for opting Marbonite tiles instead of Natural stones?

Marbonite tiles have very low porosity which makes the floor stain free while natural stones like marble and granite are more pores in nature and dust particles could accumulate into these pores. Marbonite tiles are fade resistant while natural stones turn yellow over a period of time. Marbonite tiles are durable, hygienic and bacteria resistant and ready to use besides easy to lie.

Which type of tiles will you recommend for bathroom?

Of course, Anti-skid tiles are the best. Bathroom is considered to be most wet area so; there should be no other option but to opt for anti-skid tile for bathroom flooring. There is wide range of Johnson anti-skid vitrified floor tiles which are best suited for bathroom. These tiles have textured surface besides frictional resistance between the tile and feet. So you should not go for ordinary bathroom tiles that may increase the chances of slipping because bathroom incidents are common hazard among the children and elderly people. Also choose the matching colors with sanitary ware and wall tiles.

Can you explain the usage of grout sealant in brief?

Usage of grout sealant is mandatory to keep the grout dust free. After your laying process is over, fill the joints with recommended grouts. Seal the joints with the grout tightly so that joints may not be exposed in future. Wipe off excess grout after 15 minutes of its application. After cleaning grout with a damp sponge, polish the tiles with a soft and dry cloth to keep your floor clean.

Can you explain the benefits of scratch free tiles?

Scratch free tiles are famous for its retaining original look, color and texture for life time. It has much lower water absorption when compared to ordinary floor tiles. It will not scratch easily. Unlike vitrified tiles or natural stones it is 100 per cent stain proof. It is fully vitrified and has such strength that it will not crack easily.

What are its areas of application?

Yes, it’s a nice question. Since scratch free tiles are fully vitrified and strong, these can be used in all high traffic areas like offices, shopping centre’s, hospitals, malls, airports, restaurants, resorts and educational institution, etc.

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