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Tiles Fixing Instructions

Tiles Fixing Instructions
March 18
15:44 2015

Tiles Fixing Instructions Tiles will certainly lose its credit-ability if not laid as per the guidelines or instructions at your place of choice. So, kindly give a sense of understanding to your planning by going through the guidelines as to how the tiles are laid or fixed. Since tile is a high value product, a great care is taken while laying tiles. At the same time keep in mind that non compliance of instructions for fixing tiles may land you in trouble, so go through the same carefully before you think to lay tiles. Well, don’t be on the two minds and execute your plan efficiently to make the most of it.

Plaster the floor surface before tiling

Plaster plays a significant role in fixing tiles at the place of your choice. So, it should be kept in mind that for smooth finishing, plastering must be completed at least two weeks prior to tiling. So, to cure your surface, get the plastering of floor done within the stipulated time. At the same time, please make it a Pont, not to lay tiles on fresh surface.

Prepare good quality paste for laying

While you prepare consistent paste for tiling, ensure that you have added required quantity of water along with cement and sand mortar in the ratio of 1:4. At the same time, once you have completed the mixing process, make it a point not to add water again. Thus, it would further retain the stability and durability of floor tiles for years together.

Tile the floor as per laying patterns

Some floor tiles carry an arrow mark on the back of the tile. So, before installing such a tile, be sure that tiles are being fixed as per the laying patterns as shown on the back of each tile lest the acceptable blended colors may be de-arranged. No company can be held responsible for the fault on your part. So be more careful while fixing such tiles.

Lay tile from the centre

Cut tiles, if any, will be on the outer edges towards the wall, if you start lying from the centre place. Mark and lay out the slabs or tiles from the centre of the area. Complete the laying process by pressing the cut Marbonite pieces firmly into place along the walls/floors. It will enhance the magnificence of your tile floor.

Tiles Fixing Use adhesive behind the slabs or tiles

Yes, without adhesives you can’t fix the tile to the surface. So, use adhesives like BAL ENDURA with proper toweling method for cent per cent coverage behind the slabs. There are some instructions provided with the adhesives, so, kindly follow the same for obtaining better results.

Leave gap between the two tiles

As you know the material is expanded due to excessive heat and sunlight, so it becomes necessary to leave at least 4MM to 8 MM minimum space between the two tiles while laying for fixing these on the surface. So laying without a proper gap is not recommended.

Could tiles be fixed on existing floor?

Yes, the floor tiles could be installed on the existing floor. But it could be installed by using synthetic adhesives only.

Wipe off excess grout

After 1-2 days bed curing is over, fill the joints with recommended adhesives. Start wiping off excess grout with a damp sponge and polish the tiles with a soft and dry cloth at least 15 minutes after you finish grouting process. You may use mild acid or detergents for the purpose. Do not use Hydrofluoric acid for cleaning slabs or tiles as it could virtually make adverse effect on glowing or shining of tiles. Seal the grout properly to keep it free from any dust particles.

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