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Granite in Building Construction

Granite in Building Construction
June 12
15:30 2015

Granite stone become very popular in flooring and wall dado due to its hardness quality, ability to take good polish and wide variety of colors available in it. Granite is obtained from intrusive igneous rock which compromise quartz, alkali feldspar and this common type of rock and have granular texture. In general granite is available in white, pink, grey, and yellow and black in color. It is used from long time ago is very durable and shining texture remains for long time and its cleaning is very easy. Granite stone is hard and tough stone with an average density range from 2.5 to 2.7 g/ cubic centimeter. Granite has high melting temperature not less than 1200 centigrade and has good compressive strength.

Granite stone is widely used in flooring of houses, in public buildings and in commercial buildings. In public and in some commercial building granite is used on walls. Granite is also used on monuments. Polished granite stone is very much used on the counter top and kitchen working shelf as it hard, durable and aesthetic qualities.

Granite in Kitchen Countertops Use of Granite in Kitchen Countertops

For kitchen counter top, one has so many choices such as marble, laminate, granite and steel etc. The kitchen counter top should be hard, tough, graceful and well designed, so for these quality Granite countertops is best choice. Granite countertops are available in many colors has great texture have good look. After finishing and polishing granite counter tops adds the value of home and it is popular choice as being natural stone.

As granite countertops are available in many colors and shade so it will be easy to match the countertop with kitchen design. Granite is natural stone and has many colors and shade so one can easily choose according to his liking but in general brown and beige are best choice.

Granite being a natural stone is hard, tough, and scratch resistant with good shining longer than other materials. Granite is inflammable have no wear when hot pots are put on it and do not let bacteria to grow quickly. As granite is rich in color with polish finish, it is easy to clean granite top after the use. It is easily to maintain granite top.

Labor guide line for laying granite

The base concrete should be leveled cleaned, wetted and mopped before the process of laying granite floor should be started. The level should be checked from the level mark/ thread level which is marked on wall. On base coat lay 20 mm thick cement coarse sand mortar 1:3 ratio for fixing granite stone. Granite stone is laid on the mortar bedding, pressed, tapped with wooden mallet and brought to the level with adjoining slab. The stone should be lifted and mortar should be corrected and is kept rough so that cement slurry can be observed. Spread neat cement slurry of honey-like consistency over the mortar bed at the rate 4.4 kg of cement per square meter. Granite stone slab laid on mortar after cleaning and tapped with wooden mallet till it is properly bedded and leveled with adjoining stone slab with a fine joint. Subsequent slab are laid in the same manner. After each slab lay, surplus cement grout that may have come out of the joints shall be cleared off.

The flooring shall be cured for a minimum period of 7 days. After this the surface should be grinded and polished.

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