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Cement Paint

Cement Paint
July 29
03:53 2014


Cement Paint

Cement Paint

Cement Paint protects as well as beautifies exterior walls from harsh weather conditions. It is durable, economical and comes in a variety of shades.

Cement paint is an economical exterior wall finish and enhances the decoration of buildings. It is resistant to fungus and algae and protects buildings from varying weather conditions.

It is water based paint and easy to apply. Lets know mixing process, application method and benefits of cement paint.

Where to apply cement paint

Apply cement paint on concrete surface, plaster surface and bricks. It gives best result on porous surface.

  • Prepare the surface

Clean the surface

The surface must be cleaned of mortar droppings, dirt, dust, grease and other foreign matters such as growth of moulds, algae, moss by brushing and washing. Efflorescence deposits must be cleaned also.

Repair the patches

Patches on painting area must be repaired by plastering followed by application of a coat of waterproofing cement paint on patches after wetting the surface completely.

Clean existing paint/whitewash

Clean old/existing surface, previously treated with whitewash and colour wash thoroughly by scrapping all whitewash, colour wash when water proofing cements paint is required to apply on existing surfaces.

Do mixing thoroughly

  • Mix cement paint and water in proper ratio
  • Take 2 parts of cement paint and one part of water and stir thoroughly. Take care to add cement paint gradually to the water and not vice versa.
  • Add remaining water: Add remaining one part of water to the mixture
  • Shake the solution: Stir the solution thoroughly to obtain uniform finish.

Apply first coat of cement paint

Apply the solution

Apply prepared solution with brushes or spray machine after cleaning and wetting cement or concrete surface. hake the solution during application and use it within one hour after mixing otherwise it would be thicken and affect the finish.

Getting good finish

Take care that the thickness of paint is uniform. Brush out the laps well and dampen the surface after days work.

Apply second coat of cement paint

After the first coat is set at least for 24 hours, apply second coat by repeating application process of the first coat.

Do proper curing

Since hardening of paint film depends on the availability of moisture for chemical reaction with cement, the water should be sprinkled on painted surface at least for two days.

Precaution for cement paint

Do not apply cement paint on surfaces which are already treated with whitewash, colour wash and dry distemper unless the surface is thoroughly scraped and cleaned properly.

Benefits of cement paint

  • Economical
  • Better performance for outdoor protection and decoration.
  • Available in various colors and can match up with any shade.
  • Has matt finish, an inexpensive way to cover large areas such as cellars and garages.
  • Maintains good look for many years despite exposure to worse environments.
  • No chance of drying it up since its available in powder form which is mixed into water before application.

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