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Painting your home and managing the post paint works

Painting your home and managing the post paint works
August 04
15:51 2014
Post Paint Work

Post Paint Work

When you painting, flooring, rugs, artwork and upholstery will suggest a colour direction. Try to pull together these elements in your colour choice. If your home is not furnished, make the paint colour the last thing you choose; there are thousands of colours to choose from but maybe only one rug that you really love.

Painting your home and managing the post paint works like cleaning and washing etc. is not an easy task. After completion of painting work you should check following points:-

  • The surface is well painted.
  • The holes of nails in wood work and plaster are properly filled.
  • The shade of paints does not vary on large surfaces especially on external surfaces.
  • Brush marks are not visible on painted surface.
  • There is no flakiness on painted surface.
  • There is no patch on painted surface.
  • The side, top and bottom of doors and windows shutter are not left without paint.
  • Rebate in joinery and unexposed surfaces of beading in glazing are not left without painting.
  • Internal walls of duct are white washed.
  • The top of parapet is not left without painting /white washing.
  • Fan hooks, electric boxes and sanitary pipes are not left without paint.

Though all care should be taken by the painter during painting work not to spoil any accessories /work, yet some splashes or dropping of paint are dropped on any accessories or flooring etc.

After completion of the painting work the following steps should be taken to clean accessories in the house to give them original beauty.

    • Clean following items of paint splashes or droppings of paint

• Electrical switch boards and all other electrical accessories.
• The wall tiles, floors and skirting.
• All doors, window fittings and all articles of furniture.
• All glass panes of windows and ventilators.
• All water supply and sanitary installations.
• The top working shelves of Kitchen, cabinets and accessories.

  • Take care that the painted surface is damp.
  • Check if the splashes of water are dropped on the walls while cleaning the floors.
  • Do not rub wet /dry cloth on painted surface otherwise it will patch on the surface while cleaning the doors, windows and walls.
  • Do not scratch painted surface with articles of furniture while placing them into the rooms.
  • Make a gap between the furniture and walls to avoid scratches on painted surface.
  • Do not touch painted surface with dirty hands and toe of shoes.
  • Do not write anything on painted surfaces.
  • Do not paste any type of painting on walls; which should be properly hung over.
  • Do not make any holes into the walls. If needed it should be drilled with drilling machine.

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