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Tips for Buying Bricks

Tips for Buying Bricks
July 12
10:40 2014
Tips for Buying Bricks

Tips for Buying Bricks

Bricks are important material used in construction of building. A brick is small block of brunt clay, which can be held in one hand conveniently. Bricks are used in every aspects of building such as in foundation, super structure etc. of the building.

The strength of the brick structure depends on the quality of Bricks used in the construction of building. When you take the supply of Bricks, it should be ensure that the quality should be according to the specifications, which can be obtained by the laboratory test. The Bricks required for construction work should be from first class bricks.

Before you go to buy ‘Bricks’, keep in mind the following points for good quality bricks according to specification.

• Bricks should be purchased from the kilns, which are not situated on salty earth and waterlogged area.

• Bricks should be burnt thoroughly without being vitrified and have deep red, cherry and copper colour.

• Regular and uniform in shape and size with sharp and square edges and parallel faces.

• Must be homogeneous in texture and emit a clear ringing sound on being struck together.

• Brick should be free from flaws, cracks, chops, stone and lime.

• Brick should not absorb water more than 20% of its own weight after 24-hour emersion in cold water.

• Have a minimum crushing strength of 105 kg per sq.cm when tested.

• Some kilns owners prepare bricks under size and sell them at cheap rates but these bricks will be consumed more in numbers because the bricks are under sized. So the size of the bricks should be checked i.e. 9” X4-3/8” X 2-11/16”.

• Bricks under size create problems of joints during construction of masonry.

• Bricks should not show appreciable sign of efflorescence (Whiteness).

• Sample of bricks should be kept at site if the rate and quality suit to your requirements. While accepting delivery makes sure whether the delivered material matches the sample agreed upon.

Size of Bricks

Size of Bricks

Be careful while taking the supply of ‘Bricks’, Precautions while taking supply of the bricks at site:

• Generally it is observed that if the payment is given in advance, there is a chance for the kiln owners to supply mixed or sub standard bricks.

• The supply should be taken during the day time in the presence of you or person deputed by you for this job.

• Some suppliers use the following practices during the supply of bricks. Make sure you keep an eye on these.

• Sub standard bricks, which are not seen at the time of counting, are put in the middle of stack while stacking the bricks at site.

• In some cases while stacking the bricks, they put some bricks bats or broken bricks in stacks.

• In some cases while stacking the bricks, labour leaves the gaps in middle in one or two layers at ground and this will affect the quantity of bricks during counting.

• While taking supply of the bricks give the receipt of quantity after counting the bricks every time.

• If the supply is not made in your presence, give the receipt of bricks after counting and checking the quality of the bricks properly.

• While making payments to the supplier, the quantity should be checked from the receipt given by you and take the receipts back after making the payments. Also take proper receipt of the payments to avoid any dispute in later.

Building with “Bricks” is indeed a win win situation for all the concerned parties, as it saves a lot of money, time and energy, above all its friendly to the environment.

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