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Sulphate Resisting Cement

Sulphate Resisting Cement
July 12
16:48 2014
Sulphate Resisting Cement

Sulphate Resisting Cement

Ordinary Portland cement is susceptible to the attack of sulphate. Free calcium hydroxide and hydrate of calcium aluminium present in the set cement react with sulphate and form calcium sulphate and calcium aluminate respectively. The product formed by reactions within the framework of hydrated cement paste results in expansion and subsequently disruption of the set concrete occurs.

The remedy of sulphate attack is sulphate resisting cement. Sulphate resisting cement is a cement with low C3A content and comparatively lower C4AF content. The percentage of C3A (tricalcium aluminate) is kept below 5 percent and it results in the increase in resisting power against sulphate attack.

Sulphate resisting cement is used the following conditions:

(i) For the structures which are likely to be damaged by severe alkaline conditions such as canal linings, culverts, siphons, etc.

(ii) In construction of sewage treatment worker.

(iii) In foundations and basements where soil contains sulphate.

(iv) In marine construction

(v) In pile fabrication which are likely to be buried in marshy region or sulphate bearing soils.

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