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Buying Tips for Glazed Tiles

Buying Tips for Glazed Tiles
July 15
13:46 2014
Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile

Glazed tile should be from approved manufacturer. The tile should be earthen ware covered by a glaze thoroughly matured and fitted to the body. The tile should be sound, true to shape, flat and free from flaws and other manufacturing defects.

Precautions for buying Glazed tiles:

1. Purchase glaze tile from approved or reputed brand.

2. Verify the rates of glaze tiles according to their brand from three to four shops.

3. Judge the quality of material and their rates in case you want to purchase local brand glazed tiles.

4. Check the back side of tiles to verify quality because some manufacturers write quality i.e. gold, commercial, and economical on back side of tiles. The other manufacturers write premium, commercial, economical etc. Some local manufacturer mark paint lines in green, blue or red. One line indicates first quality while two lines indicate second quality. If you ask shopkeeper about marked line on back side, he tells all about back side marking according to brand supposing that you know all that.

5. Ensure the top side glaze is uniform. The glaze should be viewed on the whole surface not in the part from a distance of one meter.

6. Ensure back side glaze of the tile is not more than 5% of the area in order to make good bond with base.

7. Make sure that the sides or edges of the glazed tile are free from glaze. If necessary, the glaze should not be more than 50% of the surface area of the edges. 8. Ensure glazed surface of the tile is free from welts, chips, craze, speaks crawling and pin holes etc.

9. Check the side of tiles by placing two or three tiles together horizontally or vertically to see whether there are minimum joints with equal thickness.

10. Instruct mason to check the box of tiles before fixing and also to take care while fixing. If any difference is viewed, the supply should be replaced from the shop. Sometimes very minor difference in color of glaze arises in the supply of glazed tiles in same lot. This problem generally occurs in local brands.

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