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Earth Filling

Earth Filling
July 14
02:57 2014
Earth Filling

Earth Filling

Earth Filling under the Floor

Earth should be free from stumps, roots, grass, clods, and large pieces of stones because these objects hinder proper compaction of soil manually or mechanically. Care should be taken that the earth is free from ‘Kallar’ and alkaline materials. Earthen works should be laid in 20 cm. layers.

All lumps should be broken and the layers should be compacted with ‘Hand Rammer’ after watering.

Precautions during Earth Filling in Foundation

The following precautions should be taken for earth-filling around brick masonry in foundation.

  • Space around foundation and drains in trenches should be cleared of all debris, brick bats etc.
  • The filling should be done in layers not exceeding 20 cm in depth.
  • Each layer should be watered, rammed and consolidated.
  • Ramming should be done with iron ‘Rammer’ where possible or with blunt end of ‘Crow Bars’ where the Rammer can not be used.
  • Special care should be taken to ensure that no damage is caused to the pipes, drains masonry or concrete.

Precautions during Earth Filling under Floor

  • Normally excavated earth from same area should be used.
  • The Earth should be free from shrubs, ranks vegetation, grass, bushes, woods, stones and boulders (Larger than 75 mm. in any direction), organic or any other foreign matter.
  • Earth containing deleterious materials, salt, peter earth etc. should not be used.

Precautions during Compaction of Earth

The following precautions should be taken during compaction of earth under the floor.

  • The filling should be done in layers not exceeding 20 cm. deep.
  • All clods and lumps of earth exceeding 8 cm. in any direction should be broken or removed before filling the earth.
  • Each layer of earth should be watered, rammed and consolidated with iron rammer.


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