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Common Home Decoration Mistakes to Avoid

Common Home Decoration Mistakes to Avoid
July 03
05:53 2014
Home Decoration Mistakes to Avoid

Home Decoration Mistakes to Avoid

These are most common decorating mistakes which most of us do and then sit up and wonder what went wrong. Take a good look at them and avoid them next time when you set about designing your own home.

Avoid the Furniture Fiasco: The extra ornamentation coming along with your furniture might look good in stores but there is a 50-50 chance that they you will find them equally appealing in your house settings. A good solution will be to measure the area of your room and purchase only according to the area you have allotted for the piece. If space constraints are what you suffer from, then choose only those parts which can easily set in without disturbing the overall décor.

Avoid Going Overboard: It’s a usual tendency to bring in a lot of show items for every small corner of the house while planning the decoration. But it will make your house look a lot more cluttered rather than organized. Instead be selective. Bring less bring chic – is the mantra. Also make sure that these items match along with rest of the ambiance of the house!

Keep Those Wires in Place: Wires are important elements of any house which become a reason of commit this common home decorating mistake. If you are going for fancy lighting or other electric decorations, don’t spoil your décor by keeping your wires loosely bound. This is not only dangerous but also a pain to the eye!

Don’t be Cushion Crazy: Cushions are a great way to stylize your homes. With their different colors and bright attractive shades they nevertheless add a lot of definition to your home. But again, as with the rest of the things, avoid getting cushion crazy. Cushions although, adding comfort to your abode can also make it look cluttered. Thus, go easy. A maximum of 8 cushions at a time is sufficient!

Keep the Art at Eye Level: There is no denying the fact that art pieces and sculptures look good but fixing these at great heights will take the attention off those and it would rather look floating. Make a rule of thumb that art looks great only when fixed at just above the eye level. Interior designers rather suggest a height of 65 to 72 inches from floor to top of the art piece.

Keeping these points in mind will definitely help a lot in making the decoration of your house a lot easier and satisfying.

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