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Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips
July 08
14:56 2014
Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips

Vastu Career Tips for Students

•The study table should be rectangular or square in shape and of minimal size.
•Allow positive energy to flow; keep a distance between the study table and wall
•For better concentration, place the study table facing the North or East.
•Maximum windows in the study room should be made in the North of East direction.
•The North, East and North-East direction is considered the best to stack books; hence keep the bookshelf in that corner.
•A brightly-lit lamp should be positioned on the South-East corner, whereas the colour of the room should be subtle and of light tint.
Vastu Career Tips for Professionals

•For writers, artists and research intellectuals, the best location is to sit along the back of the walls, keeping good distance from the entrance.
•The office desk should be rectangular or square; avoid irregular or circular shapes.
•Keeping a crystal ball on the table channelizes a cheerful ambiance and promotes the monetary flow.
•Wooden desks are best to work upon; glass top tables should be placed in the West.
•Always seat facing the north and illuminate the southern corner of the office or your room

Vastu Tips for Wealth and Prosperity

•Keep the north direction positive and energetic because it is the centre of God of wealth and helps in sustaining forces that drive wealth.
•Obstructing the north and east region can hinder your earning capacity and money flow, increasing your expenses.
•Keep the north-east corner of your home clean and open, and free from any obstruction. If possible make it the place for worship.
•Don’t construct over-head tank in north-east direction Ensure that your entrance or house front door is not blocked by any wire, pole, pit or other things.

Vastu Tips for Your Rooms

•Being owner of the home, one must stay in the southwest corner room or else he/she lose the control power gradually
•If a person is introvert and shy, and lacks confidence, spending time in south east corner rooms will help a lot
•Keep the rooms in the north-east corner for uncontrollable children or aggressive people. It will keep them calm, helping in getting rid of negative energies
•Don’t give the north-west rooms to your small kids or else they won’t be able to focus on their studies


Vastu Tips for Good Behavior

•The south-east corner is dominated by fire; hence, people should stay away from living in this direction because it tends to make people assertive and aggressive.
•North-west room is good for unmarried children, especially girls. However, for small kids, they won’t be able to concentrate on studies or people living here will always be on the move.
•Resting children in southwest direction can make them arrogant and adamant.
•People related to academics should spend more time in east to improve knowledge.

Vastu Advice for your Furniture

•Avoid irregular furniture shapes such as circle, triangular or oval. The best shape is rectangular or square.
•Ideally, furniture should be placed in a south or west direction
•Make sure that you keep 3 inches distance between your furniture and walls to allow positive energy to flow
•Dining table should be positioned in a northwest direction of the kitchen or living room.
•The bed should be in south-west direction.
•The study table should be in east or north
•Keep away clutter from your furniture

Vastu Tips for your Business
•To get rid of negative forces and channelize positive vibes to improve wealth and growth in business, tie a string of silver or gold coins around the God of Wealth for a few days and then wear it around your neck or place it in the workplace for booming businesses. The same can be achieved by tying the string around Lord Ganesha or Goddess Laxmi and then placing it in the workplace.
•The entrance to the business should be from the North Side.
•More open spaces in the North and East compared to West and South.
•Placing a water fountain in the North or North-East section will increase prosperity.
•The owner of the business should sit in the South West corner of the business.
•Place goods to be sold immediately in the North West corner of the business.
•Make offices in North East portion of the business for hard working loyal employees

Vastu Tips for Success

•Never obstruct the East or North-East region of your home or office
•Always face the East or North while working, eating, watching television or sitting. Scientific studies have shown that sitting facing East or North increases the alpha activity on the brain wave pattern.
•North is the direction of indomitable growth and success in life; hence office workers and individuals should face North while working
•If your entrance is in the South or West, ensure that there is no balcony or open space there
•Sleep with your head towards the South and feet towards the North. This will result in restful sleep and also enhance good health and energy.
Vastu Tips for Prosperity

•Ensure that your entrance or front door is in the North or East direction, and not obstructed by irrelevant things
•It is advised to build the master bedroom in the South-West direction
•The kitchen should be ideally in the South-East direction and the second best direction is North-West.
•The best direction for overhead tanks is South-West, whereas for underground water tanks it is North-East. This would help in balancing the energies around your home or office and ward off stress and unhappiness
Vastu Advice for Worshipping or Prayer

•According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, the North-East direction is ideal for worshipping or prayer.
•The image of god or deity should not face the South direction.
•Make sure that you face either East or West while praying or worshipping. One thing is most important while building your prayer room i.e. it should not be in close proximity to the living room.
•Don’t place Ganesh idols in a manner that you see it when you enter the home; instead it should be placed in the interior so that you can see the idol when you leave your home. You can also place photos of Laxmi seated on a lotus on your front door.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

•For bedrooms, the South or South-West direction is best.
•Make sure that there is no bedroom in the South-East direction as this tends to increase anger in the inmate and deprives them from a sound sleep due to which they are prone to make wrong decisions.
•The bed should be placed in such a manner that it has head in the East or South direction.
•Avoid placing plants or water features in the bedroom. There are certain colours that tend to make people aggressive and adamant, best is to avoid them.

Vastu Advice for Kitchen

•Make sure that the kitchen is positioned in the South-East direction. The water tap should be in the North-Eastern region since it is dominated by water.
•Face of the person cooking should be always be towards the East.
•If possible try to have the stone for cooking food in red color.
•The storage room should be in the Southern part of your home. Store grains and other related commodities in the kitchen with cupboards.
•Make sure that the height of the room is 12-14 feet to allow positive forces to flow freely into your kitchen.

Vastu Advice for Good Health

•Always sleep with your head towards East or South
•Place the bed 3 inches away from the wall
•When you eat your meals, face East or North
•Never sleep or sit under an exposed beam
•Don’t keep exposed mirrors at home; cover all mirrors, TV screens and laptop after use
•Avoid building the kitchen in North-East direction as it can create health problems in women
•Don’t build the kitchen or toilet together; ensure there is ample distance between both the rooms

Vastu Tips to Protect Your Home from Evil

•Doors in your home should be in even number such as 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12; avoid 10 because it is inauspicious
•Make sure that you have single doors facing North or East; South is inauspicious
•Doors can have pictures of Goddess Laxmi sitting on lotus with other accessories
•Ensure that the entrance is free from all obstructions
•You can keep decorative pieces of pictures of sacred symbol such as Swastika, Om, Laxmi and Ganesh to eliminate negative forces

Vastu Advice to Prevent Theft

•Don’t keep cash and other valuables in the NorthWest corner as it increases the chance of theft
•The main door or entrance should be bigger than doors of other rooms in the house; it should also have 2 opening shutters
•Avoid circular, slanted or sliding gates
•Don’t hang evil pictures as it symbolizes destruction

Vastu Shastra and Happy Married Life

•Avoid using dark shades on the bedroom wall
•Newlyweds should not sleep in North East room as this affects reproductive systems.
•The best room for married couples is the NorthWest
•Use a single mattress in the bedroom
•Make sure that you have only a perfect square or rectangle shaped bed
•If you add in new pillows or artifacts, buy it in pairs for necessary
•Try to avoid having mirrors in the bedroom
•Avoid having any clutter in the bedroom
•Place crystals in the bedroom and other rooms near you; it promotes tranquility, peace and understanding in relationships

Vastu Tips for Office

•Try to keep the space in the North clean and open
•Keep the valuables and money in an almirah or a safety deposit lock facing the North
•Make sure that there is no boring or tube well, pit, or underground tank in the South direction, which is harmful for finance
•Keep an aquarium with 9 goldfish and 1 black fish in the NorthEast corner of your office
•Building a water fountain in the North-East area of the office is very good for success and harmony
•Keep a crystal ball on the work table to eliminate all negative forces

Vastu Advice for Well being and Prosperity

•To have sound sleep at night, keep mobile phones and other gadgets away from your bed
•Don’t sleep or sit under an exposed beam
•For good health and well being, always sleep with the head towards South or East
•Don’t keep your mirrors exposed in your home
•Make sure there is no functional place or room below or over the bathroom and kitchen
•Adorn the North-East corner of the your home in green; it’s considered auspicious

Vastu Tips to Consider Before Buying a Plot

•Before you buy a plot, make sure it is a fertile land with ample greenery.
•A river or water canal located on the North with water flowing from West to East is a good sign.
•If there is good amount of earth, hills, big boulders, towards the SouthWest, West, or South, it is good to buy the plot. Make sure that there is no tomb, cemetery or graveyard close to the plot.
•Make sure that the plot is rectangular or square in shape and aligned to cardinal directions.

Vastu Tips for Different Departments in Office

•To ensure success and growth in different aspects, the seat arrangement for the executives, director, and managers should be in South, West, and South-Western direction of the office.
•The accounts department should be in the SouthEast direction.
•The ideal place for the reception is in the NorthEastern direction of the office premise. Make sure that the central portion of the office is kept empty and clean.
•The managing director’s room should have a rectangular desk to bring in the finances. It is also recommended to have the marketing team in the NorthWest direction. If there is any storeroom in the office, make sure that it is in the NorthWest or SouthEast direction.

Effective Vastu Advice for Factory or Industries

•The main gate or the entrance of the factory should be in the East, North or North-East direction of the plot
•All other doors of the factory should be positioned on the North-East, East, North, or North-West direction
•There must be an open space in the North-East side of the plot to allow positive forces to flow in
•The guardroom of the factory should be positioned in the North-West of the Northern gate and South-East of the Eastern gate
•The store of the factory should be in the South-West
•The administrative division should be in the North or East

Important Vastu Tips for Your Home

•Make sure that the rooms are square or rectangle in shape, and not irregular
•The rooms should be well-lighted, clean and airy
•Avoid keeping plants and water features in the bedroom. Mirrors should also be avoided in bedrooms
•Heavy stairs and structure should be in the South West direction
•Place a picture of bright sunrise in the Southern wall of the living room
•The ideal position of worshipping is facing the East or West direction
•Place an aquarium in the North-East corner in the living room

Vastu Advice for your Bathroom

•The position of your bathroom also plays a significant role in ensuring good health, prosperity and wellbeing in your home.
•The toilet should always be South or West facing; never build the bathroom in the Eastern direction. The flow of drains should be towards the North or East.
•The WC seat should be North-South facing so that you face towards the South or West.
•Consider these factors while building your bathroom and this will help the positive forces to play actively in your home, eliminating the negative vibes and influences.

Best Position for your Dining Room

•According to Vastu, the ideal position for the dining room is in the South-East direction.
•Make sure that you and your family members eat the food facing the East or South.
•The kitchen and dining room should be on the same floor and should be adjacent to the kitchen from the left.
•The entrance to the dining room and the front door should not face each other. It is also important that the dining table is square or rectangular in shape and should not be attached to the wall.

Where should different rooms be positioned in your home?

•The North-East corner of the home is ideal for the prayer room, making sure that you face East or West while worshipping.
•The South-West direction should have the bedroom of the head of the family, whereas if it has more than one floor, it should be located on the top floor.
•The children’s room should be in the West or North-West direction to ensure that children have a better concentration of study.

Where to Position Water Tanks in your Home?

•The underground water tank should be in the North, North-East, or East direction as it brings prosperity and happiness. However, if you have it in the South-East or South direction, it can cause damage to the male child or the wife of the owner.
•The overhead water tank should be positioned in the South, South-West direction. Make sure that the septic tank is in the West of South-West or North-West direction. Considering these factors while building your home or office can prevent you and your family from falling prey to the harmful impact of negative forces.

Make the Entrance of your Home Big

•The entrance of your home or the front door is the gateway of wealth and prosperity. According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, if you keep your entrance gate bigger, then it paves the way for positive forces to flow into your home and fill your life with happiness and prosperity. Make sure that the front door of your home is bigger in size than the doors of other rooms in your home.

How to safeguard your Home or Office from Negative Energy?

•Make sure that the main door is bigger than other doors in the house, office or factory
•Keep pictures of Laxmi seated on lotus to let positive energies, wealth and prosperity flow in, eliminating the evil and negative forces
•The doors should not be in a straight line
•Don’t have pictures of evil, something aggressive, or shipwreck at home or office. It is considered inauspicious
•Don’t keep the room in the South-West area as servant’s room as it tends to change them towards evil or theft

What should be the Position of Furniture and Other Items in your Home?

•Every living and non-living being generates an energy that affects the life in different ways. Hence, Vastu Shastra provides the principles for placing different items in your home in the right manner to have the best impact.
•Try to keep all furniture in a square or rectangle shape rather than irregular shapes.
•Things should be placed preferably in the South or West direction.
•Avoid clutter near the furniture to allow the positive energies released from such non-living being to flow freely in life.
•Make sure that all chairs, beds, sofas, and other things are placed as per the Vastu principles.

Effective Vastu Tips to Drive Finances

•Keep the North-East corner of the home or office free from any form of construction, and keep the space clean and open
•The North is the center of wealth and prosperity. So keep this vibrant, energetic and well-lighted to allow positive energies raise finances
•To trigger up finances, keep your home clutter free and clean
•The entrance or front door should not be obstructed by anything such as pole, wire, ditch.

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