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Vastu for Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Vastu for Zodiac Sign: Pisces
July 01
13:31 2014
Vaastu for Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Vastu for Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Pisces Born in First Phase: The house of a person born in the first phase of Pisces, will be north-facing and the lane will proceed from west to east. There willl aslo be a drain or a pond nearby the house. A good looking building well will exist from west and east sides. There will also exist a bush and a garden on the north-facing side.

Pisces Born in Second Phase: The construction of the house of a person, born in the second phase of Pisces, will be a queer one and totally different and distinct from other ordinary houses. There will be a temple on the south-west side. Lord Shankar will be worshipped in such a house, which will probably be named after some person, other than the owner.

Pisces Born in Third Phase: One who is born in the third phase of Pisces, will have his house situated in a lane which will extend from west to east and the house will be facing south. On the sites of cancer, libra and scorpion will exist a bush, a well or a founatin. A t the sites of aries, leo and pisces will exist a temple. There will be a bend nearby the said house. The house owner will be disciple of male god called Muruga.

Pisces Born in Fourth Phase: The person born in the fourth phase of Pisces, will be born in such a house that will lie to the west and the lave to the house will extend from south to north direction. There will exist a temple to the east-west or south-west direction.

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